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  1. Mercury Grand Marquis for 2011 is a rear-wheel drive vehicle that comes in sedan body style. The vehicle includes many luxury amenities and it can accommodate six passengers in the interior. It comes with a more spacious interior.

  2. Does anybody know if a Grand Marquis LSE 2002 is identified with LSE badges?? The dealer says mine is an LSE although it is identified as an LS, leather bucket seat automatic floor cosol, dual exaust.
    Please let me know
    regards JC

    • Apologies for the delay in approving & replying. The LSE stock version doesn't come with any LSE badges. The "LSE" markings on the side of the one photographed were added by the previous owner. For the most part LSE's are front leather buckets, floor shifter, climate control of fan & radio volume & next/previous on steering wheel and of course dual exhaust. To my knowledge LSE's were only produced from 2000 to 2002. 2003 the Marauder line was re-introduced and replaced the LSE.
      Hope this helps. Enjoy your ride, feel free to post or send me pictures of it (You can post links via a photo sharing site such as "imgur.com" or you can e-mail me on the contact page.) Thanks for posting and looking 😉