Ron Pratte’s Garage

The following took place a couple of years ago.

Wow… Today has been one truly awesome day. If you aren’t INTO cars, then there is no reason to read this. Originally for Saturday (Today) I had a full day of computer tutoring, network help, formats and so on planned, along with four clients to visit. By Friday eve, they had all rescheduled there appoints. So, it looked like I would be stuck reformatting/fixing/upgrade a computer at the office. Well boy did my luck turn around. I was invited (by my father) to go on a private tour of Ron Pratte’s Garage. (He is the gentlemen who bought the first Shelby for 5.5 mil this year, and the GM bus for 4.5mil last year at Barret-Jackson).

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Little background on Ron Pratte’s Money
He didn’t come into family money, and he didn’t win the lottery.
He owned and operated Pratte Development Company, Inc., one of the nation’s largest wood framing and concrete foundation companies and just so happened to sell out (exclusive deal) with Pulte Homes at the right time.

Well to pretty much sum it up I got to spend about 3 hours in this guys, 40,000 SQ FT warehouse and drool over his cars. Man there was so much, 3 hours wasn’t nearly enough time.

When we asked Mr. Pratte, if he did tours he replied that he was asked at least 5 times a week and that he only did this for his friends. He said at one point they had consider have a open house and charging people a few dollars and then donating it to a charity, however his Insurance company said that his premiums would go way up, and I guess they figured out the cost of it would be too much. That said it was really nice of our client to invite my father to this deal. All together there were just under about 50 people there, including 3 or 4 big wigs from Barret-Jackson there.

So, that was my car day.

Thank You, Mr. Pratte, for being such a great host.

All pictures have been edited to remove incense plates, blur peoples faces and add watermarks.
These photographs are not for sale, the watermarks are just to show who took the pictures.

Please enjoy.

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7 Responses to Ron Pratte’s Garage

  1. finally, a site that has the facts straight.
    i agree completely with you, 3 hours is NOT enough time to look at all of these magnificent cars. i have been there once before and i was completely amazed..i can see from these pictures that he has taken a lot of cars out of there, since i was there.
    i just wanted to say nice job on the knowing your facts, and actually knowing how to spell his name, unlike many other sites that think they know what they are talking about.

    • Thanks!
      Sorry for the delay in approving your comment, I get a lot of spam comments and just assumed this was, sorry for the mistake 😉
      The actual visit took place a couple years ago. The pictures are actually from another family member who was there, I didn’t bring my camera as I was unsure if I would be allowed to take pictures.
      Thank you for your comment!

  2. oh no problem, its just nice to get to see what he has done with his money..ha
    Have you got the chance to see his rig for going to the dunes? they are just as impressive as the cars, i mean…he’s got 100k sandrails and buggies.

  3. I live very close to Ron Prattes warehouse where he displays these treasures. I have never been fortunate enough to actually tour the garage it is on my bucket list. I am a disabled veteran with walking challenges. I have friends that have been allowed to tour the collection and they, like you, were totally amazed. I was curious whether the recession had an bearing on Mr. Prattes ability to collect classics. I see that he has a couple of vehicles listed for sale at the Barrett-Jackson auction Jan 2012. Hopefully just to make room for other acquisitions. Thank's for this blog and the great pictures.

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