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I am helping a friend re-build his computer. Computer needs/needed to be built/setup ready to go this A.S.A.P. I am headed out of town at the end of the week and he is in need.Anywho, on to the dilemma at hand.

I ordered all of the parts from (As always). Order was placed Wednesday (7.30.2008) Morning (9AM-ISH).
The estimated delivery was 3 days. I opted to pay for 2-Day air and rush processing.
Everything looked fine until Thursday when the order still had not been picked up. I figured maybe UPS systems were updating still or even down (sh*t happens you know). Well come Thursday evening the package status was updated to be delivered on 8/4/2008. I was a little upset, but understand delays and what not happened. I sent a request on live chat for some assistance. I was trying to gain information if this was a shipping error? or if my Rush processing didn’t take. The representative informed me there was a delay with UPS. And would be happy to refund the shipping fees. I don’t understand how Newegg can do this, but I am not going to argue with free shipping (even if its a few days late). Well any ways the shipment showed up today. The box was pretty smashed, at first I was not too worried for these things happen. Upon inspeciton however, things were a little out of place.

The mother board box was exposed. The Intel CPU (E8400) box was smashed, to the point that the very fine bit of tape that lies on the Intel seal was peeling off. All the bubbles on one side of the DVD/CD OEM drive were popped.

I really do not have a problem with the motherboard box or the DVD/CD drive. The thing that errks me is the CPU box.

I can physically see the cpu is not smashed but I am unaware of any actual damage that could have been done to the cpu or the heat sink.

I have uploaded the pictures to my web site. Please click on the web link below to view them.

So my question is how should I proceed?

The package was already accepted from UPS (I was not present at the time).
Apart from the box being smashed. The cpu doesn’t look to be damaged.

What would you do?

Take in mind I need to get this thing up and running before I leave.

Thank you in advance for your help and input.


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